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The Arthurs is an alternative/indie rock band from Amsterdam/Rotterdam (The Netherlands) formed around Dutch singer/songwriter Robin den Drijver. 


In their music you may hear influences from bands such as The Pixies, The Doors, The Smiths and Nirvana, but The Arthurs distinguish themselves by their own unique style and sound. Listening to their melodic, dynamic, raw, beautiful, aggressive, dreamlike and always heartfelt music, will be worth your while.


Their debut album 'When I'm Sane’ (2017) gained Dutch positive press reviews. Popunie described it as a "very strong debut and the perfect ticket to the biggest festivals" and 3voor12 called it an "enthralling debut album."  Den Drijver recorded almost all of the instruments on the album himself in his living room, accompanied by drummer Jetske Blonk.


On June 25th 2021, The Arthurs released their second album 'Glass', this time as a full band with Dylano Hahury on lead guitar and Martin Memelink on bass. 'Glass' received positive Dutch and international press reviews. Belgian Luminous Dash stated that "this top band deserves all our attentionGlass is a strong long player with ten rock-solid songs that we can’t get enough of", while UK Indie Dock Music Blog concluded that "The Arthurs sets the tone with their album, showing the leading position of true rock n roll in the future of all quality music. Thanks to bands like The Arthurs, rock n roll is alive and will live forever."  Dutch Nine Licks "counted more than 9 licks that deserve a 10."


Just like their debut album ‘When I’m Sane’, 'Glass’ was mostly recorded and produced at home by Den Drijver.

The Arthurs show their ambition with a strong live performance, like the Dutch Jitters Blog described in their Westerpop Festival review: "a unique indie rock band, different from others, that grabbed our attention to the stage immediately."  According to 3voor12, the 'Glass' album release show in Cinetol Amsterdam was 

a "live show of over an hour, as solid as a rock.”  

In December 2021, bassist Jelle de Wit rejoined the group. Boudewijn Geels replaced him in October 2022. In the Spring of 2023, the new formation will return to the studio to record new music for the successor of 'Glass'.

The Arthurs played notable venues and festivals in The Netherlands, Belgium and England like Westerpop, Bevrijdingsfestival Zuid-Holland, Big Rivers Festival, Nacht van de Kaap, Q-Factory, Bibelot, De Vorstin, Vessel 11, Taverne, Kroepoekfabriek, Altstadt and Cinetol.  


The band was also invited to support UK new wave legends Fischer-Z in De Boerderij in Zoetermeer on April 8th 2022. The Arthurs will also support UK rockband The Subways in Rotown Rotterdam on Sunday March 19th 2023.

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