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Glass - ALBUM cover.png

"This top band deserves all our attention. Glass is a strong long player with ten rock-solid songs that we can’t get enough of."

- Luminous Dash, "Glass" album review

"I counted more than 9 licks that deserve a 10." - Nine Licks, "Glass" album review

“The live show of over an hour is solid as a rock.” - 3voor12, "Glass" album release show review


"The Arthurs sets the tone with their album showing the leading position of true rock n roll in the future of all quality music.

Thanks to bands like The Arthurs, rock n roll is alive and will live forever." - Indie Dock Music Blog, "Glass" album review


"Very strong debut. 'When I'm Sane' is the perfect ticket to the biggest festivals." -Popunie, "When I'm Sane" album review 

"A unique indie rock band, different from others, that grabbed our attention to the stage immediately ."

- Jitters Blog, Westerpop festival review 



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