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"This top band deserves all our attention. Glass is a strong long player with ten rock-solid songs that we can’t get enough of." – Luminous Dash “Glass” album review (BE) (August 2021)


"I counted more than 9 licks that deserve a 10."– Nine Licks “Glass” album review (NL) (July 2021)


“The live show of over an hour is solid as a rock.” – 3voor12, “Glass” album release show review, Cinetol Amsterdam (NL) (July 2021)


"The Arthurs sets the tone with their album showing the leading position of true rock n roll in the future of all quality music. Thanks to bands like The Arthurs, rock n roll is alive and will live forever." – Indie Dock Music Blog “Glass” album review (UK) (July 2021)


"There are many bands and acts who give themselves the label of having a truly unique sound, whose influences vary greatly, and yet they fall short of coherency and originality. That, however, cannot be said the truly unique quartet The Arthurs...Long may we hear more from these guys!" – YMX “Glass” album review (UK) (July 2021)


"Doesn't it happen to you that when the first song on the album is your favorite, the rest feel a bit disappointing? In 'Glass' this is not the case, there is always something better to look forward to. They all feel like instant classics of the alternative indie genre." – Mickey’s Weekly “Glass” album review (ARG) (July 2021)


"I don't have much more to say about this project other than reaffirming my belief that the rock scene would be much better off following a sound like this - it's fun, at times dark gothic and freaky. What The Arthurs achieves in this time is so brilliant that the only thing you feel is that you want more." – Mickey’s Weekly “Glass” album review (ARG) (July 2021)


"A magnificent guitar driven album that is as impassioned in each twang of that electric instrument as it is with every lyric sung. Fans of alternative rock would do well to check out The Arthurs, they're not just going to give you sounds you enjoy, but also treat you to soundscapes you'd never have heard of before. The dream rock atmosphere that they craft is truly unparalleled.” – Find No Enemy “Glass” review (USA) (July 2021)


"The composition is a bit reminiscent of the expression of Pearl Jam and their intellectual spirit" – Indie Dock Music Block “Window” single review (UK) (June 2021)


“The sound of “Window” sometimes brings to mind Queens of the Stone Age, full of twists and turns...further evidencing The Arthurs creative songwriting and superb musicianship” – Less than 1000 Followers “Window” single review (MEX) (June 2021)


"The Arthurs are still keeping to their good old mix of atmospheric guitar tones upon guitars as why would you ever want to tamper with something that's not broken and gives your ears a real treat, it's classically raw and dreamy with enough punch to keep you listening to their other tracks once "Something With Oceans" is over - like what it done to me once I finished with listening to it for the tenth time!” – It’s all Indie “Something With Oceans” single review (UK) (July 2020)


“The Arthurs have outdone themselves with their latest ‘Something with Oceans’.” – The Other Side “Something with Oceans” single review (UK)​ (July 2020)

"The mix of reverberated, moody vocals and high volume, melodic guitars reminds me of some of the best psychedelic and goth bands of the 80’s and 90’s. There are hints of The Church, Dinosaur Jr and Bauhaus. But The Arthurs definitely put their own spin on the sound. In the end, their brand of hypnotic Rock is all their own." - The Static Dive "Void" single review (US) (April 2020)

"The track is an absolute wonder, a real won't be that much longer before the band goes international and captures their hearts....Be sure to listen to this'll be worth your while, trust me." -  It's all Indie "Red Letter Days" single review (UK) (February 2020)

"Their music reflects a sense of musical completeness and expressive maturity, that has few equals.“ - Nova Blog "Red Letter Days" single review (UK) (February 2020)

"Soaring and atmospheric, stunning new single."-  Mystic Sons "Red Letter Days" single review (UK) + interview with Robin (February 2020)

“One of the most unique Dutch groups in the 2010’s.”  - The Other Side  "Red Letter Days" single review (UK) (February 2020)

"Enthralling debut album." - 3voor12, 'When I'm Sane' album review (NL) (June 2017)


"Very strong debut. 'When I'm Sane' is the perfect ticket to the biggest festivals."  - Popunie, 'When I'm Sane album review (NL) (June 2017)

"A unique indie rock band, different from others, that grabbed our attention to the stage immediately ." (Jitters Blog, Westerpop Festival review)  (July 2019)

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